Warehousing and Logistics

The need for the inventory management was an outcome of our experience gathered while working with our customers on project implementation and total cost of ownership optimisation. Inventory carrying costs are typically 20% - 30% of the total inventory value. This constituted a significant hidden cost in the business and hence required focus, investments and implementation.

We use a structured approach to implementation and monitoring of Inventory in line with Customer requirements.

We provide the complete solution for your warehousing needs. Vellan Global specializes in full-service, client-specific solutions for storage and transportation of your product.

Our all-inclusive warehouse service is suitable for storing goods for later distribution and JIT customer deliveries. Vellan Global can integrate inventory, logistics and order management into your work-flow systems, providing you with access to critical monitoring control information.

Warehousing And Logistics Facilities Vellan Global

We ensure organised movement of your products by Air, Ocean or Road. Our warehousing partners are experienced in the field for many years and are strategically positioned.