Sourcing and Manufacturing

Vellan Global is a Proven & Experienced Team delivering Reliable Engineering Solutions for Sourcing all your Build-To-Print Metal Components.

Careful Assessment of Design Feasibility, Dimensions & Tolerances, Material Grades, Manufacturing Processes, Value-Added Operations, Surface Finish, Quantity & Packaging needs.

End-to-End Packaged Services - A One-Stop-Shop for all your Performance, Quality & Finishing Requirements.

A Streamlined Procurement Approach to Minimize Cost & to Save Time, to increase Efficiency & Productivity. A Strong and Well-Established Supplier base.

Safety is one of our Top priorities & we attach High Importance in all our actions relating to HS&E.

Ensure confidentiality by protecting your Intellectual Property & Company Resources, in both Physical & Digital forms.

Metal Components Manufacturers Suppliers

Respect to Client's Strategy to build Business together. Open to transit our know-how to clients.

Ability to Export to Global Locations. Strong logistics network for all Domestic locations.

Suppliers adhering to Stringent Quality norms and with all required Quality Accreditations.

Excellent Customer Services & Support in terms of,

Responsiveness and Communication

Expedited Lead times and On-Time-Delivery

Flexible Shipping Terms and Mutually acceptable Payment Terms

Structured Sourcing Process

Our Step by Step Procedure upon receipt of Customer Enquiry.

Step Procedure Upon Receipt Of Customer Enquiry